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We are official sales and service of TRAC Stabilizers with experience in fiberglass and metallic boat installations.

It happens to be the great unkown of yachts of certain entity since the improvements they provide for both, the navigation as well as the life on board are huge.

Anchored it is as stable as if it was in the marina.
They make maneuvers with jet skis, water toys and cranes a lot easier.
You will enjoy relaxed dinners with guests on board, you will sleep peacefully and you and your crew will be cool in the morning.
More stability means less chances of slipping or falling.
It is a good investment and the value of the boat will be increased for charter or for a future sale.

What are the stabilizers and how do they work?

The most common stabilizers are type “flipper”, they extend outwards under waterline in port and starboard midship. Their function is to prevent the ship from swinging from left to right (balance movement). They act in a similar way to the flaps on the plane wings, which can get adjusted in order to reduce the turbulence significantly. It is very much appreciated in adverse weather conditions when waves are high and wind strong. The last generation of stabilizers works sailing as well as anchored and are known as “zero speed”.

Improve your comfort on board while sailing or anchored with the new stabilizer system.